Local NHS Organisations work together to improve services

Local GP surgeries will be undertaking a survey of how patients are using health services so that they can best meet patients’ needs.

Practices in Waltham Cross, Cuffley, Broxbourne and Cheshunt will be asking patients to complete a short questionnaire about their visit to the surgery during a two-week period from 12-25 November 2018.

During this time all patients accessing GP practice, Minor Injury and Pharmacy services will be asked to complete a simple one-page questionnaire with basic information about their age, when they made the appointment, how urgent they thought  the appointment was and whether they had considered seeking advice and guidance from the practice website or other on-line tools.

All correspondence is confidential and no personal information will be collected.

All patients will be asked to complete the form voluntarily whilst waiting for their appointment and then hand the form to their treating clinician for them to fill the remaining questions around urgency, length of time of appointment and alternate pathways (if appropriate).

This is an opportunity for the public to help to shape the type of services that are available in the local area and the results of the survey will help inform the local health plans on how to deliver community-based healthcare services over the next 3-5 years.

For more information please contact info@leavalleyhealth.co.uk